PunkrOx_mycOck (punkroxmycock) wrote in gh0ul__sc0uts,

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i was looking over ur application and ive decided im not nearly emo enough to join that community.

'those are some bands i can actually listen to for a while'

dude i thought u liked punk,

not to mention that blink and tbs werent on ur top 10 fav band list.

maybe we both arent emo enuff to be in that community.

remeber ur username PUNKroxmycock

lmao im great
lol who cares it's still always fun to join.

i do like punk, and i said those are some bands that i could listen to for a while. i honestly couldnt listen to the sex pistols for as long as i could something corporate. i love it all the same but yeah.

in the rules it says dont put taking back sunday. it's too generic. and since it's an 'emo' community, blink just wouldn't fit there.

it was just a pun off of how everyone uses PUNK ROCKS MY SOCKS!

<33. dana