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nail polish

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hey I'm Gabbi. heres a lil bit about me..
<BR>location-hollywood florida
<BR>stats-single broken hearted
and well lets see music im into... i love the band blink182 my fav band. i also like.. sum41,coheed and cambria, the ataris, nirvana, something corporate, taking back sunday, hawthorne heights, kittie, slipknot, godsmack, switchfoot, sex pistols, hole, the distillers, modest mouse, yellowcard, boxcar racer, guns n roses, DC, sugarcult etc. a little more info about me... i have 2 sisters they are 13 (14 in october) they are twins, i have 1 dog named eva and 2 cats named steenker and misteltoe LMAO du u guys carea bout my pets? ah well i dont care hahaha. im a good friend of Jeshikas i met her wen i first started el jay. im a former self harmer.. recent events made me stop. im currently single.. and lets see mroe abotu me... hmm.. i have aol lmao my email./sn is <A href=""></A> i have 2 aim names callingxALLxcars and lonelyxgrave. on my buddy lists i have a group that says jeshikas screen names cuz she has so many damn sns lol. i love to take pictures.. its one of my favorite things to do. im excited about this communtity bcuz i can post pictures.. get real opinions.. and tell ppl how i actually feel. ^.^ . heres 3 pics of me....

well thats me. u fucks better accept me kidding.
</3 gabbi
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