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nail polish

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hey I'm Gabbi. heres a lil bit about me..
<BR>location-hollywood florida
<BR>stats-single broken hearted
and well lets see music im into... i love the band blink182 my fav band. i also like.. sum41,coheed and cambria, the ataris, nirvana, something corporate, taking back sunday, hawthorne heights, kittie, slipknot, godsmack, switchfoot, sex pistols, hole, the distillers, modest mouse, yellowcard, boxcar racer, guns n roses, DC, sugarcult etc. a little more info about me... i have 2 sisters they are 13 (14 in october) they are twins, i have 1 dog named eva and 2 cats named steenker and misteltoe LMAO du u guys carea bout my pets? ah well i dont care hahaha. im a good friend of Jeshikas i met her wen i first started el jay. im a former self harmer.. recent events made me stop. im currently single.. and lets see mroe abotu me... hmm.. i have aol lmao my email./sn is <A href=""></A> i have 2 aim names callingxALLxcars and lonelyxgrave. on my buddy lists i have a group that says jeshikas screen names cuz she has so many damn sns lol. i love to take pictures.. its one of my favorite things to do. im excited about this communtity bcuz i can post pictures.. get real opinions.. and tell ppl how i actually feel. ^.^ . heres 3 pics of me....

well thats me. u fucks better accept me kidding.
</3 gabbi
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"Hello, I'm a little pop-punk bitch who steals people's communities... oh, and my username sucks." You are aware that you've literally stolen someone else's words, ideas, and creativity, right? try this.
Your userinfo is copied and pasted from there awhile back...
and that, my dear, is the most moronic thing you could have possibly done. Especially since the members of that community are vicious when they get pissed off.
Maybe, you and all the little girls of the community should relocate, or something. Use your mind, create your own goddamn community.
Jeez, douchebags.
the girl in the 2nd picture on the left looks SO much like my friend heather.HOLY SHIT.

thats so weird.
coheed and cambria. Automatic acception.

" and tell ppl how i actually feel. ^.^" Yes.Yes you can.

I love you and you're friend that looks like heather.You rock.