_Under_Glass_ (_under_glass_) wrote in gh0ul__sc0uts,

Hahahaa, are you really fucking kidding me?

You kids honestlly thought you could COMPLETELY copy off of another community from Greatestjournal and get your asses away with it? You are fucking pathetic. Not only did you steal everything from the user info and the layout, but you thought you could get away with stealing the icons and banners as well with no credit what-so-ever?

Posuers in every sense of that definition. Our members expand far and wide... I just find it halarious you really thought you were cool enough to get away with it and not have us find out. You have no creativity, no individuality, no intelligence, and most of all... no fucking lives.
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Hm, I don't know if you really have the right to say that to all of the members, considering the fact we didn't know.

I'm really not trying to sound like a bitch neither, so I'm completely sorry if I did.

<33. dana
yea we didnt no! god spare us poor victims

she was kinda mean tho =(
learn how to type,first of all, 2nd she wasn't being mean the mod stole shit that wasn't, hers therefore people are gonna come from the real community and bitch this one out,
and sure maybe the members didn't know. but i am angry enough to start bitching at anyone from this rip off community of mine.
As am I. I love my Erika far too damn much to let rip offs try and recieve sympathy from us. I'm surprised more of the members haven't joined us yet.

Damn... and I agree with filthy_feline Learn to type!
No I completely understand, and I would be really pissed off too. But I was only saying that I didn't know so I didn't understand why you were referring to the WHOLE community.

Sorry if it came out wrong.

<33. dana
lmao <3..

<33. dana